Registrations are open for our 2020 Brutus Festival aimed for Initiation and Pre-Novice players.
For all details and registration : 2020 Brutus Festival


June 20th 2020

Reopening of the arenas

We are ecstatic as you are following the press conference announcements made Wednesday confirming the reopening of arenas on June 22th. While there is still much uncertainty as to the upcoming hockey season and its format, this is a step in the right direction. Here is the Hockey Quebec press release on this subject.

We are expecting many meetings with Hockey Quebec, Lac St-Louis and La Ligue Trente Ouest in the coming weeks to determine the format of the season and more importantly which phase we will be starting at to determine a plan for registration and a possible cost structure.

As the information becomes available, we will continue to communicate it to our members.

January 22 2020

Looking for volunteers for the Brutus festival

We are looking for volunteers for our Brutus festival on February 1st.

If you have time to support this beautiful activity allowing young initiation and pre-novice players to practice hockey and have fun, we invite you to check out the following link.

Your contribution is essential to the success of this activity.

Volunteer Form

January 13th 2020

Bingo Night

By now you have no doubt heard about the HMIP Bingo night scheduled for Saturday Night January 18th at 7pm (doors open at 6:30pm) at the Ile Perrot Community Centre.

Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. With each ticket including a “welcome drink” as well as 10 bingo cards & dabber. With more drinks and food available onsite for purchase.

There are high hopes for this event as it is a critical fundraising initiative for the HMIP. With less then a week to go the hope is that there can be a strong push to sell as many tickets as possible.

The event has the potential to be a fun, casual night and raise allot of needed money for the HMIP. Please try to sell as many tickets as possible, get four or five couples from your teams together and come have a few drinks. Sell tickets to friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, all are welcome. The hope is each HMIP player can sell a single ticket.

Your team managers have all the information on the details on the tickets.

Please, your support is needed.

Robert Trickett
Governor, Ile-Perrot Minor Hockey Association

October 7th 2019

Novice player evaluation protocol

Here is a document explaining how the novice evaluations are done. Novice Protocol

September 23nd 2019

Helping the Next Generation!!!

The Ile-Perrot Minor Hockey Association along with the Riverains Novice MAHG program and three lucky young players would like to say a special thank you to Kayli Dubé for taking time to come to Sundays Novice MAHG practice and encouraging, teaching and mentoring the next generation of Riverains players.

The HMIP wishes Kayli all the best for her upcoming Bantam "AA" season, we know Chloé, Stella & Evangeline will be cheering for you !!!

Photo1 Photo2

September 22nd 2019

Team Unity Project

Here is your chance to buy discounted Riverain branded gears. Check out our event page for more information.

September 21nd 2019

Season opening game for our Mustangs junior AA team

Come cheer for our junior AA team of the Metropolitan League the Mustangs at their opening game next Friday!

Friday, September 27, 8:30 pm
Arena of Saint-lazare

Kids enter for free
Adults: $ 5

All profits go to the team to help with the operating costs.

For Our Mustangs, Make some noise!!!

September 16nd 2019

Single letter draft protocol for the 19-20 season

Here is the SL Draft Protocol explaining how the single letter teams are created for the upcoming season.

September 12nd 2019

Player Evaluation protocol for the 19-20 season

Here is the evaluation protocol explaining the evaluations process for the coming season.

September 8nd 2019

Groups and schedule changes for tryouts

Please confirm your child's schedule and group frequently for the tryouts. There can be changes at any time in the schedule section.

September 2nd 2019

An open letter to the parents of the HMIP community

Hello, on behalf of our president, other Executive Committee members and the dozens of volunteers who have already given hundreds of hours of their combined time I’d like to welcome all the 400+ member families within the Ile Perrot Minor Hockey Association (HMIP) Community to the 2019-20 hockey season.

As this will be my first year acting on behalf of our association I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and convey what the HMIP feel are a few important points and values. I’m a father of three boys (Novice to Initiation age), a husband, a son, a brother, an employee, an employer and a volunteer.

All our other volunteers and I are committed to trying our best for all the HMIP players, but it is important to remember that the HMIP is not the totality of our lives. All the volunteers are trying their best to make the best decisions possible for all the players to have the best season possible. In every way, we are imperfect people trying to make hundreds of perfect decisions for hundreds of diverse families all with your own perspectives and concerns. We try to learn from the past to do our best in the present while planning for the future. We are an association of likely 27 teams this year with some players having never played a competitive game and some players having played the highest possible levels Hockey Quebec can offer. We have volunteer coaches who have played at the professional level and have coached for years and we have volunteer coaches who will be taking charge of teams for the first time. The HMIP will have four Double Letter teams this year and 20+ Single Letter teams. The HMIP believes all teams are of equal importance.

Teaching work ethic, teaching resiliency, developing leaders, teaching to win with class and lose with grace will always be more important than teaching a player to go “bar down.” Success is measured by development on and off the ice not goals or goals against average or wins and losses. You can lead with confidence and compete with aggression while always pushing to improve and showing respect. Whether your child is one of the stronger players on their team or one of the weaker players doesn’t matter, there are always life qualities and hockey skills to develop, learn, practice and implement. With all players being equally important to the team. Hockey must be a positive environment for all. Being positive starts at the dinner table, on the drive to rink and continues after the game, regardless of the outcome. Congratulating someone on a nice goal or save should never come before praising a player for their work ethic or teamwork or simply asking how much fun they had today.

75% of coaches that quit do so due to the constant barrage of conflicts with parents over absurd arguments. All coaches consider quitting at least once each season. As a volunteer when I’m approached with respect, it encourages me to try harder to help more, when I’m approached with conflict it makes me want to do less. The HMIP wouldn’t exist without its volunteers. I’ve yet to meet a perfect volunteer or perfect coach but I’ve also yet to meet a perfect hockey parent either. Your child’s success or lack of success in sports does not indicate what kind of parent you are. But having an athlete that is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and tries their best is a direct reflection of your parenting.

If you have questions, please ask them. Communication is the key to success and understanding at anything. I, as you, am a hockey parent who always wants the best for his children. Above all else, please remember hockey is a game played by kids for fun with the help of amazing volunteers who give up their personal time for the players, not the parents! Coaches and referees are human, they make mistakes. And finally ………. I’ve never seen an NHL scout at an HMIP game!

Robert Trickett

Gouverneur, Association de hockey mineur de l'Ile Perrot

August 30th 2019

New jerseys for the new season!

The Ile Perrot Minor Hockey Association is ready for the new season with all new jerseys!!! Image1, Image2, Image3

The question is, are you?!?!?!?!

Massive thank you to our partners from Play It Again Sports for delivering all the new game Jerseys early. It all starts next week!!!

August 26th 2019

Schedule for the first 2 weeks and groups

In the schedule section, you will find the schedule for the first two weeks and at the bottom the groups for each category

August 16th 2019

HMIP corn roast

As you know we are holding our 2nd annual Corn Roast on August 22nd and we hope to see as many of you there as possible. It will take place at the Omni Centre in Pincourt and the festivities start at 6:00PM.

Come meet your new CA and volunteers and ask us questions about the upcoming season.

Here is what is happening that evening….

      • We will be unveiling the NEW HMIP jersey for all Single Letter players
      • Play it Again Sports will be on hand to show you some amazing HMIP gear and let you know all they that have to offer our members this season.
      • There will be door prizes offered to those in attendance from Play it Again Sports
      • There will be a SILENT AUCTION with a wide variety of items so come ready to bid ????
      • There will be raffle items on display as well for you to try and win.
      • The corn is provided free of charge by the association, we will be selling water & juice for $1 each so be sure to bring some change.

We look forward to seeing you there!

August 16th 2019

HRS & Drakkar's AA tryouts for Peewee to Midget

Here is the information for the Drakkar's tryouts and the registration form.

For HRS, here is the  registration form.

August 12th 2019

HMIP paid Pre-camp

Here is the information for the pre-camp for people who have registered :
- Schedule
- Pre-camp groups
- Power skating groups

August 6th 2019

Video created by Hockey Quebec about the Novice 2019-2020 program

Here is a video prepared by Hockey Québec about the Novice 2019-2020 program. We encourage you to watch it. Page(french)

July 30th 2019

Important message for people looking for a coach or manager position

For those looking to be involved in both private leagues and HMIP (Hockey Quebec) as a coach or a manager please take note of the following memo from Lac St-Louis Memo (french)

July 30th 2019

Information session for the Phoenix girl's hockey 2019-2020 program

On Sunday, August 18th, the Phoenix is organizing an information session to introduce parents and girls to their 2019-2020 program and to have fun on the ice.

This is a free event for girls from the territory of Trois-Lacs-Beauval. Reservation required at hftroislacs@gmail.com


July 23th 2019

HMIP 2019-2020 Hockey Program

Here is a document produced by the hockey committee explaining the HMIP hockey program for the 2019-2020 season


July 23th 2019

Candidatures recherchées pour Maître-entraîneur MAGH

Appel de candidatures pour des postes d'entraîneurs maitres MAGH au sein d'AHMIP

Le candidat doit faire, en entier, le stage de formation des entraîneurs maîtres qui aura lieu du 16 au 18 août à Brossard. De plus, ceux qui n’ont pas la qualification d’entraîneur initiation devront également suivre le stage avant le début de la prochaine saison.

L’entraîneur-maître devra être disponible pour diriger l’ensemble des leçons MAHG pour AHMIP à laquelle il sera affecté, ainsi que pour une rencontre provinciale qui aura lieu en janvier de chaque année.

L’entraîneur-maître est sélectionné par le CA de AHMIP et par le Comité provincial initiation (CPI) et se rapporte à l’entraîneur-chef initiation régional (ECIR) de la région administrative dans laquelle évolue l’association de hockey mineur (AHM). L’entraîneur-maître est responsable de l’application, du respect et du bon fonctionnement du programme MAHG dans l’AHM où il est impliqué. Il maximise le développement et le mentorat des entraîneurs-initiation bénévoles de cette AHM. Tout cela, afin de maximiser le service offert à la clientèle, soit les jeunes hockeyeurs de 5 à 8 ans.

1. Véhicule les objectifs, les valeurs et la philosophie du programme auprès de l’AHM, des parents et des jeunes;
2. Planifie et organise chacune des 20 leçons selon les exigences du programme;
3. Collabore au calendrier annuel du secteur initiation, s’assure d’avoir les heures de glaces requises pour les différents niveaux afin de donner les 20 leçons;
4. Dirige de façon dynamique les 20 leçons et coordonne le travail des entraîneurs-initiation avec les jeunes;
5. S’assure de revoir les exercices et leçons avec les entraîneurs et bénévoles;
6. S’assure que le climat d’apprentissage soit optimal avec des interventions efficaces et dynamiques auprès des jeunes;
7. Offre le support nécessaire aux entraîneurs-initiation dans leur rôle en fonction de leur groupe de jeunes autant au niveau de leur formation que des techniques spécifiques du hockey;
8. Agit en tant que consultant lors de la formation des équipes;
9. Est une personne ressource pour les entraîneurs Pré-novice et Novice de son AHM durant toute la saison;
10. Travaille en étroite collaboration avec son association de hockey mineur et l’entraîneur-chef initiation régional, afin d’échanger les informations requises et résultats attendus pour la bonne marche du programme.
Les candidats recherchés devront :
- Être titulaire d’une formation en éducation physique ou en kinésiologie ou avoir une expérience pertinente avec compétences pédagogiques;
- Avoir été entraîneur-initiation ou suivre un stage initiation;
- Adhérer aux objectifs généraux du programme MAHG;
- Avoir une connaissance de la clientèle de l’initiation;
- Avoir joué au hockey;
- Maîtriser des habilités techniques du patinage et du maniement de la rondelle.

Avoir suivi la formation entraîneur Introduction à la compétition 1 (IC1Q) est un atout.
Ils devront avoir les aptitudes professionnelles suivantes :
- Aptitudes à coordonner et à superviser;
- Capacité à travailler en équipe;
- Avoir un bon sens de l’organisation;
- Être bon communicateur;
- Être diplomate;
- Avoir du leadership;
- Être crédible et reconnu pour les compétences ci-dessus dans son milieu;
- Être autonome;
- Rigueur et respect des programmes, des processus.

Un dédommagement est prévu pour votre implication, selon les leçons qui auront été dispensées. Le montant est variable selon l’engagement réel de l’entraîneur-maître.
Hockey Québec offre à chaque année plusieurs formations permettant à ses membres de se perfectionner.

Si vous êtes intéressés à appliquer sur cette position, il faut faire parvenir le document au lien suivant dument rempli à info@hmip.org le plus rapidement possible.

July 1st 2019

Winners of the early registration raffle

Here is the result of our draw for players who registered early:
Gabriel Gallant - 1 week at Notre Dame de Fatima
Evan Walsh - 1 week at Our Lady of Fatima
Ylan Boutin - Deck Hockey season
Laurick Rauzon - Rachelle Berry's Basket

We congratulate all the winners and we will communicate with you to give you the prizes shortly.
We take this opportunity to remind you that time flies, the deadline is July 31 for registration!
Have a great summer!
Raffle draw video

May 29 2019

Hockey Quebec video explaining the benefits of Novice half-ice hockey

Here is a video published by Hockey Québec explaining the benefits of half-ice hockey, which will make its debut in Quebec next season in the novice category. Video

    Please check the archives for previous announcements. 

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