Assemblée générale 2021

Pour consulter l’invitation ainsi que l’ordre du jour de la rencontre du 13mai 12h, veuillez consulter le lien suivant : Convocation

Les personnes ayant soumis une candidature pour les prochaines élections sont :

Robert Trickett
Ville : Pincourt
Poste convoité : Gouverneur

Motivation pour le poste :
I would like to renew my candidacy for the role of Governor because I am passionate about working with kids of all ages and skill levels and giving kids the best ability to succeed on and off the ice by teaching both hockey and life skills. I enjoy working with all the coaches and helping them grow and learn new skills as well as our external vendors who support the growth of our hockey program. I believe over the past two years we’ve been able to move the HMIP hockey program in a positive direction and I’d simply put like to continue that work.

Expérience HMIP :
Existing Governor, Coach for multiple teams/ages, Novice Coordinator, CA member, volunteer

Christopher Thierry
Ville : Notre-Dame-de-l’ile-Perrot
Poste convoité : Directeur sensibilisation communautaire

Motivation pour le poste :
I have been passionate about hockey since I was a kid,. I played recreationally many years including as an adult and started to get involved with HMIP almost 6 years ago as an assistant coach and team manager. My last 2 years have been spent as a board member in charge of communications, and most recently managing the COVID protocols.

We all know last year wasn’t what we hoped. COVID de-railed all our plans, and the efforts to keep what little hockey we had, was not easily seen by parents.

I joined the board with the goal to help and use my hockey and entrepreneurial skills to build a successful, sustainable organization. I cannot say that goal has been met. There has been lots of work and fewer people to do it. This is not sustainable.

None of us on the board sees this as a long term appointment, so it is imperative that for the future success of the association that we have a process to identify, encourage, engage, and mentor parents to take our place.

I look forward to working hard again this year, so I can leave the association in a better place for the next person. 

Expérience HMIP :
Member of HMIP board (Director of Communications / COVID communication manager), Assistant coach, team general manager, Brutus Tournament organizer.

Lianne Ulin
Ville : Notre-Dame-de-l’ile-Perrot
Poste convoité : Vice-président operations

Motivation pour le poste :
I believe in the HMIP and the fact that all members deserve a great association. Im my 2 years on the board and previous years as a volunteer I have seen the evolvement and would like to continue working as a member of the board for the betterment of all. I have strong administrative skills and know the technical role required for this position. I am open to new ideas and work well with others. I sit on various boards and can bring experience and ideas to the table.

Expérience HMIP :
I have been a volunteer since my oldest started in Initiation (2014). First as a level manager and for a few events, then as a head manager for the association and finally for the past 2 years as a board member.