MAHG Program

The MAHG Program (Méthode d’Apprentissage de Hockey sur Glace) is in response to initiation requirements for hockey in the province of Quebec. The MAHG Program was created and fully respects standards relating to long-term player development. It is up to those in charge of hockey, locally and regionally, to ensure that the method is applied correctly as well as other aspects of the rules and regulations. The rules were created and adopted in terms of the welfare of the youngster learning fundamental hockey skills while still having fun.
The Initiation sector of Hockey Québec is aimed towards the Pre-Novice and Novice divisions, which is to say that it is for players of 4 to 8 years old.
In order to teach the fundamentals of hockey to these young children, Hockey Quebec has developed a training program based on learning different technical skills and techniques, through lessons and play. This program is called “Méthode d’Apprentissage de Hockey sur Glace” and is made up of 4 teaching levels to accommodate all levels of hockey players 5 to 8 years old or younger.
The main objectives of the MAHG program are to
  • Acquire basic knowledge of the game
  • Develop basic technical skills
  • Learn progressively and repetitively
  • Respect each youngster’s pace of learning
Points Emphasized by the Program
  • Skating ability
  • Puck handling
  • Small area games
Over the years the Ile Perrot Minor Hockey Association has adopted the requirements of the MAHG program into an adaptive lesson plan to support the introduction of hockey to young players and aid in their development and enjoyment of the game. The program is designed for ALL U9 players regardless of ability or prior experience as all exercises can be adapted to skills of the players involved.
For the U9 level the HMIP runs a 20-hour MAHG program spread over 5 weeks at the start of each U9 hockey season. All U9 players partake in the MAHG program which occurs prior to the formation of any U9 teams or league season starting. Players are divided into smaller groups, to help facilitate learning, and then based on the below lesson plans exposed to a series of exercises and activities designed to improve their overall hockey development. 

Having an organized lesson plan, prepared and shared with all volunteer coaches in advance is a fundamental success factor for the MAHG program.
Hockey Quebec also has an excellent website with dedicated resources for the MAHG program